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**NOTE! Work in progress. This document has not yet been submitted to approval by the members in an annual meeting vote, which is needed to make this official.**
# FOSS Manifesto
This document outlines the relations of Feneas to FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).
......@@ -20,7 +18,7 @@ While we prefer for everyone to commit to writing, using and promoting FOSS, we
## Promotion
Feneas will not promote non-FOSS projects. This includes not only funds spent on advertising but also other non-paid promotion, for example promoting projects to members via our chat rooms, blogs or social media accounts. The only exception to this is mentioning our sponsors, see "Sponsors" section.
We will never spend funds on advertising non-FOSS projects. When promoting projects via our blog, social network outlets or chat channels, we refrain from promoting non-FOSS projects. However, promoting a service to help users on non-FOSS platforms reach people on FOSS platforms is ok. We do also thank our sponsors even if their service is not fully FOSS (see Sponsors below).
## Sponsors
......@@ -40,7 +38,10 @@ Software that has a baseline in FOSS and extra features under an enterprise lice
Funds should not be spent under any circumstance to host fully proprietary software.
## Code produced
All code produced for Feneas should be licensed under a FOSS license, unless for exceptional reasons this cannot be done. An example for this is for example repositories containing purely administrative, infrastructure or members directory related scripts.
## Political affiliation
The term "not politically affiliated" in our rules does not conflict with our FOSS manifesto. Our rules say we are not politically aligned because our Code of Conduct does not allow discriminating based on political affiliation. Additionally, "Free Software" is not a political party that we could claim to be affiliated with. The term "not politically affiliated" means we are not active in the Finnish or any other political landscape and also means we will not receive money from political parties. At no point does "not politically aligned" mean that we are not strongly committed to FOSS and the advance of Free Software.
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