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Add wedistribute to the service page

See merge request feneas/association!33
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......@@ -47,5 +47,12 @@
"name": "Discourse",
"description": "Forum for discussion about anything related to the federated world. Register at <a href=\"\"></a>. Members can log in via their LDAP credentials.",
"access": 0
"url_icon": null,
"fa_icon": "fas fa-file-alt",
"name": "WeDistribute",
"description": "WeDistribute is a publication service dedicated to Free Software, decentralized communication technologies, and sustainability. This service is developed to broadcast news to the Fediverse and other parts of the Free Network. <a href=\"\">Visit the blog</a> it doesn't require any kind of registration.. it's free :)",
"access": 0
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