Commit 0c0f1519 authored by zauberstuhl's avatar zauberstuhl
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Add socialtap config params

parent c90c5219
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ package config
// Overall configuration file structure
type Config struct {
SocialtapConfig SocialtapConfig `ini:"socialtap" comment:"Socialtap server configuration"`
ServerConfig ServerConfig `ini:"server" comment:"HTTP server configuration"`
OAuthConfig OAuth2Config `ini:"oauth" comment:"OAuth 2 configuration"`
DatabaseConfig DatabaseConfig `ini:"database" comment:"Database configuration"`
......@@ -25,6 +26,15 @@ type Config struct {
NodeInfoConfig NodeInfoConfig `ini:"nodeinfo" comment:"NodeInfo configuration"`
type SocialtapConfig struct {
SubFolder string `ini:"sub_folder" comment:"If you run the application server at e.g. You should set sub_folder to '/app/'."`
RedirectURL string `ini:"redirect_url" comment:"To which endpoint should untappd redirect for authentication?"`
ClientID string `ini:"client_id" comment:"The client ID of the untappd API"`
ClientSecret string `ini:"client_secret" comment:"The client secret of the untappd API"`
Debug bool `ini:"debug" comment:"Set debugging mode for the socialtap application server"`
Worker bool `ini:"worker" comment:"Enable or disable socialtap background worker"`
// Configuration section specifically for the HTTP server.
type ServerConfig struct {
Host string `ini:"sr_host" comment:"(required) Host with TLD for this instance (basically, the fully qualified domain or subdomain); ignored in debug mode"`
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