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    Switch to pip-tools for Python dependencies · 503e741b
    jaywink authored
    Switched to ``pip-tools`` as the recommended way to install Python dependencies and cleaned the requirements files a bit. Now all the "base" dependencies, including production deployment dependencies are locked in ``requirements.txt``. The new file ``dev-requirements.txt`` includes both the base and the extra development/testing related dependencies.
    It is not mandatory to use ``pip-tools`` for running a production installation. For development it is mandatory. All dependencies should be placed (unlocked) in either ``requirements/requirements.in`` (base) or ``requirements/requirements-dev.in`` (development extras). Then execute ``./compile-requirements.sh`` to update the locked dependency files after each change to the ``.in`` files. See `pip-tools <https://github.com/jazzband/pip-tools>`_ for more information.
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