Commit d5b7af7a authored by jaywink's avatar jaywink

Install dependencies with pip-tools

parent 8d6fb7f5
......@@ -17,11 +17,13 @@
shell: chdir=/home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/socialhome/ executable=/bin/bash ./ install
- restart circus
- name: Install app requirements
pip: requirements=/home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/socialhome/requirements/production.txt virtualenv=/home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/venv extra_args="-U"
- name: Sync app requirements
command: chdir=/home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/socialhome /home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/venv/bin/pip-sync
become_user: "{{ socialhome_os_user }}"
- restart circus
- name: Create env file
template: dest=/home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/socialhome/env.local src=env.local mode=0600
become_user: "{{ socialhome_os_user }}"
......@@ -2,8 +2,9 @@
- name: Create virtualenv
# We do this here since Ansible only has virtualenv_python in 2.x
command: creates=/home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/venv virtualenv -p python3.4 /home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/venv
- name: Update pip
pip: name=pip state=latest virtualenv=/home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/venv
- name: Update setuptools
pip: name=setuptools state=latest virtualenv=/home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/venv
- name: Update pip, setuptools and pip-tools
pip: name={{ item }} state=latest virtualenv=/home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/venv
- pip
- setuptools==30.4
- pip-tools
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