Commit b8f9ca3e authored by jaywink's avatar jaywink
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Fix apache and bower parts

Some problems found on a clean server.
parent 087052f0
- name: Apache proxy module
apache2_module: state=present name=proxy
- restart apache
- name: Apache uwsgi module deps
apt: name=libapache2-mod-proxy-uwsgi
- restart apache
- name: Apache modules
- name: Apache additional modules
apache2_module: state=present name={{ item }}
- proxy_uwsgi
- proxy_wstunnel
- proxy
- ssl
- restart apache
- name: Apache site
template: dest=/etc/apache2/sites-available/{{ socialhome_domain }}.conf src=apache.conf
- name: Enable site
command: a2ensite {{ socialhome_domain }}
......@@ -48,8 +48,9 @@
- name: Do NPM install
npm: path=/home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/socialhome state=latest
become_user: "{{ socialhome_os_user }}"
- name: Do bowering
bower: path=/home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/socialhome state=latest
bower: path=/home/{{ socialhome_os_user }}/socialhome state=latest relative_execpath=node_modules/.bin
become_user: "{{ socialhome_os_user }}"
- name: Webpack
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