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Bump Dendrite to v0.3.5, release v1.1.0

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# Changelog
## unreleased
## v1.1.0
* Add config option `dendrite_enabled_mscs` to enable MSC's supported by Dendrite. Defaults to an empty list.
* Bump Dendrite version to v0.3.5
## v1.0.0 - 2020-12-30
* Initial release
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ Now you can run the play and get a fresh Dendrite.
* `dendrite_name` - The name of the instance and user on the host to use, will be created (default: `dendrite`)
* `dendrite_container_name` - Name to use for the Docker container (defaults to value of `dendrite_name` variable)
* `dendrite_docker_image` - Docker image to use (defaults to: `matrixdotorg/dendrite-monolith:v0.3.4`)
* `dendrite_docker_image` - Docker image to use (defaults to: `matrixdotorg/dendrite-monolith:v0.3.5`)
* `dendrite_db_name` - Database name to use (defaults to value of `dendrite_name` variable)
* `dendrite_db_username` - Database user to use (defaults to value of `dendrite_name` variable)
* `dendrite_db_sslmode` - Database SSL mode, set to `false` if your database is within an internal network (defaults to `true`)
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
# Optional
dendrite_name: dendrite
dendrite_container_name: "{{ dendrite_name }}"
dendrite_docker_image: "matrixdotorg/dendrite-monolith:v0.3.4"
dendrite_docker_image: "matrixdotorg/dendrite-monolith:v0.3.5"
dendrite_db_name: "{{ dendrite_name }}"
dendrite_db_username: "{{ dendrite_name }}"
dendrite_db_sslmode: true
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