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# GangGo - Diaspora in GoLang
This is the application server repository. Which is still
in pre-alpha state so please don't use it for production!
GangGo is a decentralized social network written in [GoLang]( It uses the same federation library like [Diaspora]( and therefore can participate in conversations like any other [Pod](!
## Dependencies
## Usage
For generating the required assets GangGo needs npm for `sass` and `coffee-script`
which works in combination with ``
Following golang dependecnies are required for:
- the web framework ``
- parsing documents e.g. hcard ``
- using password hashing ``
- support multiple databases ``
- captcha's for registrations ``
All this can be installed via:
make install-deps
## Configuration
Before you can start the application server
you have to point revel to the right settings.
Copy the example file and adjust the `[ganggo]` section:
cp conf/app.conf.example conf/app.conf
# Database setup
Please check [the wiki page]( to setup your database.
## Precompile and Build
Make sure your `node_modules/.bin` is in your `$PATH` variable e.g.:
export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)/node_modules/.bin
Then run
Fetch the latest updater version from []( and execute it. It will come with a small installation wizard and guide you through the first steps.
## Development
If you don't want to compile the whole application everytime
you change something you can run it directly via
revel run
Revel is able to watch changes and recompile if necessary!
**This does not apply to asset files!**
You should re-compile everytime something changes in `app/assets`.
### Assets
To recompile your assets in your development environment run
make precompile
### Cross Compile
You can cross compile for multiple systems and architectures.
Simply run e.g.:
GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 make compile
Supported Systems
- android
- darwin
- dragonfly
- freebsd
- linux
- nacl
- netbsd
- openbsd
- plan9
- solaris
- windows
Supported Architectures
- 386
- amd64
- amd64p32
- arm
- arm64
- ppc64
- ppc64le
- mips
- mipsle
- mips64
- mips64le
- mips64p32
- mips64p32le
- ppc
- s390
- s390x
- sparc
- sparc64
### Contribution
Putting everything together you can build and run your own instance by running:
mkdir /tmp/go && cd /tmp/go
export GOPATH=$(pwd)
go get
cd src/
make install-deps
cp conf/app.conf.example conf/app.conf
make precompile && \
revel run
If you want to push your changes to the offical ganggo repository:
* fork the project
* create a new branch with your code changes
* create a [pull request](/ganggo/ganggo/compare)
Please have a look at our [documentation page](!
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