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Replace commit message in bintray upload with version tag

the commit message can break json syntax
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......@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@ CURL="curl -u${BINTRAY_USER}:${BINTRAY_API_KEY} -H Content-Type:application/json
\"name\": \"${PCK_NAME}\",
\"desc\": \"${CI_COMMIT_MESSAGE}\",
\"vcs_url\": \"${CI_REPOSITORY_URL}\",
\"desc\": \"bump to v${PCK_VERSION}\",
\"vcs_url\": \"${CI_PROJECT_URL}\",
\"licenses\": [\"GPL-3.0\"],
\"issue_tracker_url\": \"${CI_PROJECT_URL}/issues\",
\"website_url\": \"${CI_PROJECT_URL}/wikis/home\",
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