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......@@ -49,20 +49,13 @@ endif
go get
go get \ \
go get
# GangGo
go get \
go get -u \ \ || true;
# Link to your current working directory
# in order to start compiling the project
ln -s $(shell pwd) $(GOPATH)/src/
$(info $(env_info))
rm -r test-results || true ; \
......@@ -94,3 +94,28 @@ Supported Architectures
- s390x
- sparc
- sparc64
### Contribution
Putting everything together you can build and run your own instance by running:
mkdir /tmp/go && cd /tmp/go
export GOPATH=$(pwd)
go get
cd src/
make install-deps
cp conf/app.conf.example conf/app.conf
# do something with the code
# then run compile or revel
make compile # will produce a tarball for deployment
# or simply run it locally
make precompile && \
revel run
If you want to push your changes to the offical ganggo repository:
* fork the project
* create a new branch with your code changes
* create a [pull request](/ganggo/ganggo/compare)
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