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Add synapse image with RAM improvements

parent d19eb34a
FROM matrixdotorg/synapse:v0.99.3
# Synapse's architecture is quite RAM hungry
# currently - we deliberately cache a lot of
# recent room data and metadata in RAM in order
# to speed up common requests. We'll improve
# this in the future, but for now the easiest
# way to either reduce the RAM usage (at the
# risk of slowing things down) is to set the
# almost-undocumented SYNAPSE_CACHE_FACTOR
# environment variable. The default is 0.5,
# which can be decreased to reduce RAM usage
# in memory constrained enviroments, or increased
# if performance starts to degrade.
RUN apk add jemalloc
# Using libjemalloc can also yield a significant
# improvement in overall amount, and especially
# in terms of giving back RAM to the OS. To use it,
# the library must simply be put in the LD_PRELOAD
# environment variable when launching Synapse.
ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/sh", "-c", "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ && /"]
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