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![website logo](./source/img/touch/favicon-32x32.png?raw=true) A quick look into Fediverse networks
### [Important](#notes)
- "World" text on postActiv page is by @Maiyannah Bishop, main postActiv developer
### [Goals](#goals)
1. **Road Making**: Provide links to information scattered around the internet. Make it easier for newcomers to get acquainted with the idea in general and with every federated network in particular.
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"categories": ["SN-mi"]
"title": "Write Freely",
"title": "WriteFreely",
"source": "",
"protocols": "ActivityPub",
"site": "",
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
"dwellers": "?",
"communities": "",
"descr": "Pleroma microblogging platform was quickly appreciated by the community for its low resource consumption. If you have a Raspberry Pi or similar single-board computer you can use it as Pleroma server for family and friends.",
"connections": ["Friendica", "Gnu Social", "Hubzilla", "Mastodon", "", "Misskey", "Peertube", "Pleroma", "Plume", "postActiv", ""],
"connections": ["Friendica", "GNU Social", "Hubzilla", "Mastodon", "", "Misskey", "Peertube", "Pleroma", "Plume", "postActiv", "WriteFreely"],
"tracker": "",
"bounty": "",
"translating": "",
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