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Storm of applause 👏 for all long-time Fediverse supporters, and a warm welcome 👍 to every new user who found Fediverse in 2019.
![Constellation of stars forming "You're in Fediverse" phrase](in-fediverse.jpg)
![Constellation of stars forming "You're in Fediverse" phrase](
Here's what happened to our small corner of the Internet in the past year.
......@@ -27,11 +27,11 @@ In 2019 the reachable Fediverse grew from 3.986 instances to 5.027 - that's roug
The number of registered accounts increased from 2.500.000 users to roughly 4.300.000 - about 🎉 <span class="u-emphasize">1.800.000</span> newcomers explored Fediverse networks!
![Old-school North American family looks at the sky and says Wow Fediverse is growing](is-growing.jpg)
![Old-school North American family looks at the sky and says Wow Fediverse is growing](
Five networks growing most rapidly in *online* server numbers in 2019 were:
![Pleroma +182 servers, Mastodon +159, WriteFreely +147, Pixelfed +73, PeerTube +63](top-growing.jpg)
![Pleroma +182 servers, Mastodon +159, WriteFreely +147, Pixelfed +73, PeerTube +63](
Three other Fediverse platforms that expanded significantly in 2019:
......@@ -137,15 +137,15 @@ At least <span class="u-emphasize">13 new networks</span> expressed a wish to be
One of the main goals of federating software is decentralizing the web. That requires many Fediverse servers each having a small number of users, hosting data in physically decentralized manner. That's the ideal, a perfect image.
![Illustration of many small interconnected stars](ideal.jpg)
![Illustration of many small interconnected stars](
But in real world most people register on large Fediverse servers with thousands of users: they're popular, more stable and reliable, their friends are there. And server administrators tend to choose large, well-known hosting solutions: they're cheaper, more stable and reliable. This leads to a situation where 80% of total users are all crowded on 10 large ("flagship") instances, and 40% of all servers are hosted mainly by 5 companies.
![Illustration of two huge (fat) servers talking to each other](de-burp-lization.jpg)
![Illustration of two huge (fat) servers talking to each other](
Most used providers 2019:
![list of most used hosting providers](providers.jpg)
![list of most used hosting providers](
You can see Mastodon statistics on [servers]( and [providers]( A representation of all Fediverse hosting providers may be found [here]( The situation hasn't changed much since 2018 Leah's [research]( on server distribution. Will something change in 2020?
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