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## Fediverse WIKI
A quick look into Fediverse networks
Work in progress
### Important
- Logo icon on Pleroma page is [unofficial](, with @lain's permission used until the official logo is chosen
- "World" text on GNU Social page is by @Maiyannah Bishop, may be replaced if the author objects
### Goals
1. *Road Making*: Provide links to information scattered around the internet. Make it easier for newcomers to get acquainted with the idea in general and with every federated network in particular.
2. *Team Building*: Unite all federated social networks under 'Fediverse' name. Highlight the sense and spirit of a Fediverse community.
### Contributing
> All the files you need are in `/source/_data` and `/source/_posts` folders
Help welcome with the following pages:
- 'Knowledge' page: two stub articles "FAQ for newcomers" and "Why use federated networks" waiting to be written.
### Structure
#### Fediverse page
*Data located in*: `/source/_data/fediversei18n.json` file.
#### Chronicles page
> Latest news about major releases, development, interviews, articles, related stuff.
*Data located in*: `/source/_posts` folder
All posts are available via RSS subscription.
'Preview' is rendered on Chronicles page (limited ammount), text after metadata is shown in RSS (unlimited).
Every post must have the following __metadata__:
layout: "post"
title: "some title"
date: 2222-01-25
- pleroma
"short gist..."
url: ""
lang: en
`Tags`: networkName / fediverse; most posts will have 1 tag
`Preview`: limit 150 characters - for "regular" and "wanted" posts, limit 350 characters - for "featured" post.
__Optional metadata__:
wanted: true
featured: true
banner: "pic.jpg"
`Wanted` and `featured` can't be mixed and are temporary, should be removed from older post when creating a new "featured" or "wanted" post.
`banner`: required for "featured" posts only.
#### Knowledge page
*Data located in*: `/source/_data/knowledge.json` file.
#### Portal page
Supposed to link to a page helping to choose any pod on any network (just-an-idea for now)
### Theme File Structure
- Develop styles in `/themes/starter/assets/scss`
- Develop scripts in `/themes/starter/assets/scripts`
### Setup
1. Run `npm install` in main project's folder
2. Run `gulp` in `/themes/starter` folder
3. In second terminal, run `hexo server` in main folder, to start the server and preview at localhost
### Translating
Only English version.
Adding another language requires additions to `_config` file and `/themes/starter/languages` folder.
Mandatory for translating:
- create lang folder (`/source/*lang*`)
- common strings (`/themes/starter/languages/en`)
- `/source/_data` folder: fediversei18n.json, worldi18n.json
Translating Chronicles or Knowledge pages content doesn't make sense. They will be mostly a collection of external articles.
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