Commit 55e40712 authored by lostinlight's avatar lostinlight
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Update Friendica screenshot

parent e3604ff1
......@@ -48,8 +48,8 @@
"connections": ["diaspora*", "GangGo", "GNU Social", "Hubzilla", "Mastodon", "Osada", "Pleroma", "postActiv", "Socialhome"],
{"descr": "Default Friendica theme", "img": "friendica-1.png"},
{"descr": "Green Friendica theme", "img": "friendica-2.png"}
{"descr": "Default Frio theme (green colour)", "img": "friendica-1.png"},
{"descr": "Alternative Vier theme", "img": "friendica-2.png"}
"tracker": "",
"bounty": "",
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