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......@@ -29,6 +29,6 @@ Have you learned something new in Fediverse? Have you met your IRL friends in it
Please, write a post with the hashtags **#Fediverse12**, **#HappyFedi2U** and share your memories and memoirs! If you still have accounts in mainstream social media, help making these hashtags visible and invite your friends and followers to our new world of federated communication.
You can find some promotional materials in these [folders]( Use them freely and don't forget to contribute any new materials you create.
You can find some promotional materials in these [folders]( Use them freely and don't forget to contribute any new materials you create.
🌟 **See you in Fedi!**
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ The Internet is huge with millions of websites and web services, however, like i
Compared to popular mass giants, Fediverse networks are like precious gems. Few people heard of them, but they are out there, waiting for you to find them.
![sign welcoming to Fediverse](fediverse-sign.jpg)
![sign welcoming to Fediverse](/en/post/fediverse-saves-from-pickup-artists-and-7-more-reasons-to-join/fediverse-sign.jpg)
"Fediverse" means federated universe. There's no one website to sign up to. Instead you will find [hundreds]( of websites (servers) powered by citizens all around the world, independent from and uncontrolled by any single company. These servers are all interconnected, so no matter where you register[^1], you'll be able to connect with friends and users of other servers.
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ Instead of listing "one hundred suits them all" reasons why you should switch to
Federated socializing is your cup of tea. Currently[^2] there are about 3.500.000 registered users in Fediverse online world. Compared to corporate giants, that's like a small eco village.
![image of Fediverse network icons](fediverse-garden.jpg)
![image of Fediverse network icons](/en/post/fediverse-saves-from-pickup-artists-and-7-more-reasons-to-join/fediverse-garden.jpg)
It's natural in Fediverse to welcome new users, to start conversations with anyone who shares your interests, to follow strangers. Do you easily connect with people from other cultures and regions? Would you like to broaden your social network and become neighbours and friends with people from somewhere on the other side of the map from you? We have communities dedicated to all sorts of [hobbies](/en/portal/servers/index.html#hobbies), [regions](/en/portal/servers/index.html#regional), [languages](/en/portal/servers/index.html#languages), political and social [views](/en/portal/servers/index.html#political-and-social-views), [ecology and animal](/en/portal/servers/index.html#ecology-and-animals) related servers, [books, shows and games](/en/portal/servers/index.html#entertainment). Choose your community.
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ As a privacy rights organization, by opening your own server or your official Fe
Fediverse has a [server]( in your honour! Be nice to each other.
![image of a nice feditroll](feditroll.jpg)
![image of a nice feditroll](/en/post/fediverse-saves-from-pickup-artists-and-7-more-reasons-to-join/feditroll.jpg)
* __If you don't like to share your telephone number with "pickup artists"__
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