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......@@ -80,3 +80,45 @@ If you did all that `\m/` Create a pull-request with your changes in this reposi
You can add your repository [here](https://testsuite.the-federation.info/auth)!
Now the testing can begin :)
# Development
## Dependencies
In case you want to test specific parts locally you need `postgresql`, `docker` and `redis`.
Make sure they are up and running:
sudo systemctl start redis.service postgresql.service docker.service
Then you can install the testsuite dependencies:
* github.com/stedolan/jq
* github.com/sstephenson/bats
Simply run the install script or do it manually:
bash scripts/install.sh
## Run tests
After installing all required dependencies you can start single tests via:
# bats <test-file> e.g.:
bats ganggo-ganggo.tx-rx.bats
Or run all tests with a single command:
bats .
## Run images
Sometimes doing tests manually helps developing a new feature. You can run single docker images by using the helper script.
Setup the environment by executing following command once:
BATS_TEST_FILENAME=local . ./test_helper.bash
Then starting can be done by executing:
# start_app <database-name> <port> "testing_<project>"$(latest_tag <project>)
# for starting a ganggo image that could look like following:
start_app g1 9000 "testing_ganggo"$(latest_tag "ganggo")
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