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Move to nmap netcat and accept all connections

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Dummy Project
# Dummy Project
Related to [](
## Dependencies
* postgresql-client
* nmap
* curl
* inotify-tools
......@@ -17,10 +17,14 @@ psqlCount="$psql -q -c 'select count(*) from testtable;'"
# create db schema
$psql -c 'create table if not exists testtable(id serial primary key);' || exit 1
while true; do
cnt=$(eval $psqlCount |head -3 |tail -n 1 |tr -d '[:space:]')
req=$(echo -e "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\n\n$cnt" |nc -l -p $PORT -q1)
remote=$(echo "$req" |grep GET |cut -d' ' -f2 |cut -d@ -f2)
# listen and serve
ncat -l $PORT -o $tmplog -k -c 'echo -e "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\n\n$('\
'eval $psqlCount |head -3 |tail -n 1 |tr -d \"[:space:]\")"' &
while inotifywait -qq -e close_write $tmplog; do
req=$(grep GET $tmplog |tail -1)
remote=$(echo $req |cut -d' ' -f2 |cut -d@ -f2)
if [[ $req =~ '/add' ]]; then
if [[ "$remote" == "/add" ]]; then
eval $psqlAdd
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