Commit 125b013c authored by Steven Hancock's avatar Steven Hancock

AppsController no longer exists

Remove the AppsController check from the next_page_path helper, since
AppsController no longer exists.

fixes #3280

I'd like to write a helper spec for this, but it'll probably require
some stubbing/mocking and I'm a little too tired to deal with that at
the moment.. so for now let's just fix the problem. :)
parent f4c06c8f
......@@ -6,8 +6,6 @@ module StreamHelper
def next_page_path(opts ={})
if controller.instance_of?(TagsController)
tag_path(:name => @stream.tag_name, :max_time => time_for_scroll(@stream))
elsif controller.instance_of?(AppsController)
"/apps/1?#{{:max_time => @posts.last.created_at.to_i}.to_param}"
elsif controller.instance_of?(PeopleController)
local_or_remote_person_path(@person, :max_time => time_for_scroll(@stream))
elsif controller.instance_of?(PostsController)
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