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Commit 0fcd1663 authored by Jonne Haß's avatar Jonne Haß
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Redis#client.disconnect is Redis#close now

parent cba2b9a3
......@@ -19,13 +19,9 @@ before_fork do |_server, _worker|
ActiveRecord::Base.connection.disconnect! # preloading app in master, so reconnect to DB
# disconnect redis if in use
unless AppConfig.environment.single_process_mode?
Sidekiq.redis {|redis| redis.client.disconnect }
Sidekiq.redis(&:close) unless AppConfig.environment.single_process_mode?
if AppConfig.server.embed_sidekiq_worker?
@sidekiq_pid ||= spawn("bin/bundle exec sidekiq")
@sidekiq_pid ||= spawn("bin/bundle exec sidekiq") if AppConfig.server.embed_sidekiq_worker?
after_fork do |server, worker|
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