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    Move Javascript to the asset pipeline · 1aa0b15c
    Steven Hancock authored
    * Move all Diaspora-specific javascripts to app/assets/javascripts
    * Move all vendored javascripts to vendor/assets/javascripts
    * Add the appropriate Sprockets require directives to make sure
      everything gets included in the right order
    * Remove Jammit dependencies
    * Fix all templates that were using Jammit's include_javascripts helper
    * Add handlebars_assets gem for compiling Handlebars templates
    * Move all Handlebars templates to app/assets/templates and rename
      from .handlebars to .jst.hbs (this is to keep them in the same
      global JST namespace that they were in under Jammit)
    * Add public/assets to .gitignore since these files can and should
      be re-generated by Heroku or Capistrano during each deploy
    * Fix a few Handlebars templates that were looking for images in the
      wrong location (I'm sure there are others, but it's late)
    * Configure application.rb to precompile all javascript and css assets
      that were compiled by Jammit in the Rails 3.0 code
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