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    Develop (#108) · fbb8b63d
    David Morley authored
    * Nicely import $_GET and $_POST parameters, PHP7 style!
    Fix all SQL queries, to make sure they use pg_query_params for parameter injection.
    Simplify various `if` conditionals to 1-liners.
    * use adminemail from config.php file properly
    * fix my bad changes
    * remove get
    * use adminemail from config.php file properly
    * fix one more
    * bump bootstrap to a 6
    * fix using the whois column for random location data
    * put n/a if location data is missing
    * Revert "bump bootstrap to a 6"
    * move n/a to view
    * Make pretty
    * sql cleanup
    * more tables
    * reorder the pull, put domain first to make future changes easier
    * add sql updates
    * cleanup a bit
    * terms manual for podmin. add click and checks rough
    * missed a few and was a bad kid on formating already
    * few more back to ===
    * remove domain hardcode
    * sql cleanup
    * more tables
    * reorder the pull, put domain first to make future changes easier
    * add sql updates
    * cleanup a bit
    * terms manual for podmin. add click and checks rough
    * missed a few and was a bad kid on formating already
    * few more back to ===
    * few bugs and cleanup api to be consistant
    * cleanup my SELECT statements
    * more fix
    * hrm fix my messup
    * Fixes (#69)
    * fix geo data and ratings show
    * fix the month check and date on view
    * remove testing item
    * changes
    * remove http and pingdom
    * few oopses
    * fixes
    * yup
    * cleanup
    * WordPress!
    * Fix forgotten date_updated column. (#71)
    Rename date column to date_created in rating_comments.
    * Some simplifications (#72)
    * Simplify arithmetics for $score.
    Use PHP7 random_int method for improved random int generation.
    * Simplify uptimerobot API calls by removing JSON callback.
    * Simplify user and admin ratings.
    * Smaller fixes and command simplifications.
    * Remove unnecessary pg_free_result and pg_close calls. (#76)
    ah, never knew you did not Have to have them!
    * Unify parameters (#77)
    * Use `stats_apikey` instead of `url` for stats API key.
    * Use `domain` instead of `url` for go.php.
    * Fix error messages for adminkey.
    * Better forms and email sending (#73)
    * Improve HTML form output.
    Better email message sending.
    Various code fixes and simplifications.
    * Make email sending more logical.
    Fix wrong email field.
    * Move email headers up.
    Better email formatting when a new rating has been added.
    * Populate sslexpire, dnssec.. (#74)
    * merge
    * merge
    * populate the new db cols
    * clean
    * cleanup
    * Add missing </a> tags. (#78)
    Remove alt properties from div.
    * add icon and sslexpire
    * ping!
    * Fixpullnbackup (#79)
    * fixes for issue 63
    * example
    * add install note
    * quotes
    * Fixpullnbackup fixes (#81)
    * Fix a few warnings and correct data type for boolean variables.
    * Boolean data type for $dnssec, $signup and $ipv6.
    Use only $signup instead of also $registrations_open.
    Use only $outputssl instead of also $outputresults.
    * Weird PSQL requires boolean to be passed as int, else it gives an error: `invalid input syntax for type boolean: ""`
    * Remove unnecessary unsets.
    * Remove unnecessary foreach loop.
    * Fix alignment (visual only).
    [skip ci]
    * To determine if the request was successful, check for a valid JSON to parse instead of searching the response for a string.
    * Rename query result variables to prevent breaking the main loop.
    * Add a small debug function to make debug output cleaner and easier to use.
    * Add debug flag. Browser: `pull.php?debug`, CLI: `pull.php debug`
    * Remove old code that prevents markers from overlapping each other, as mapbox nicely separates them.
    * fix the IP issue and pretty map spiral
    * fix some pull issues
    * updates
    * without 'false'
    * fix boolean and more
    * fixes again
    * deal with cname and try less flaky dns
    * gather enough stats on our own for longterm use
    * cleanup
    * remove trim
    * php7 not php4 duh
    * old debug info from using pingdom, clean
    * fix map
    * Fix debug output for software versions.
    * Fix the regex to get the A value of a DNS entry.
    * Ownstats (#88)
    * rebase
    * features and work
    * Make software version pull easier to understand and extend. (#91)
    * Combine related conditions. (#90)
    * Add helper function for chart display. (#89)
    Simplify chart data generation.
    * PR updates
    * WIP - Nicer domain checks (#92)
    * Explicitly check passed domain name.
    * Make domain lowercase.
    * Use native PHP instead of system exec calls to get IPs.
    * remove key
    * few misses
    * need to call it redmatrix to stay consistant, idk what proper name is
    * some more
    * back to old ip lookup, use delv for both.
    * tr
    * bad copy n paste
    * Moarfix (#94)
    * fix bad pods getting other pods data
    * maybe easier to read this way
    * changes
    * xmpp
    * v1 api back to legacy (#95)
    * Terms (#96)
    * change terms to podmin_statement
    * use grep more david
    * fix labeling
    * some responsiveness cleanup & few features (#98)
    * some responsiveness cleanup
    * few sql ones
    * basic email ping on bad pod
    * cleanup
    * fix facebox
    * fix my mistakes
    * few issues on dev that needed working out
    * less zeros is more I think
    * make this more logical and work for pods
    * latent
    * bool and ca pull
    * dum
    * Add list groups for nav menus.
    * Use bootstrap alpha 6.
    * Update nav bar.
    * Update sidebar nav menus.
    * Update sidebar nav css.
    * Update main column and padding.
    * Make menu generation more dynamic.
    * Fix main home link location.
    * Add horizontal ruler to separate sidebar navigations.
    * Set z-index for sidebar and sort CSS properties.
    * Fluid layout for stats page.
    * Revamp podmin add form.
    * Revamp podmin edit form.
    * Only use responsive table container with actual tables.
    Use CSS class for tablesorter component.
    * Add complete col- classes.
    * More cleanup (#105)
    * dash
    * language tag
    * do better when no podname given. make tooltip cleaner.
    * kill ad, shorten tip, clean language
    * users/sign_up is a ruby path, we support all now
    * more time to try, go back to weightedscore (#106)
    * more time to try, go back to weightedscore
    * forgot one
    * damn bool
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