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# 2.3.x
## End Users
* Now one table with a basic default view you can customize
* Wizard to help you filter the columns to what you need
## Podmins
* Can link directly to your pod via for stats and to allow users to rate easier
# 2.3.0
## Podmins
* Can no longer access db/pull.php to test their pod, they can however get to a debug screen from the edit pod area
* Language is detected based on your homepage, edit your homepage to non-en if that is what you use
* Edit will send to email on file and be less delay, runner of site does not really have anyway to verify email address
## DB
* Add development and release dates to masterversions table
* Store full country name, store days monitored each pod
* Store detectedlanguage
* DB migrations see db/
* rename table rating_comments to ratingcomments for redbean support
* Default new pods to UP to be checked
* Remove unused hidden and secure columns
## Cleanup
* Use the git API for release versions, check development releases on pods
* Forbid access to files that should be cli only
* Move from bower to yarn for packages
* Move to PHP 7.2 with declare(strict_types=1);
* Move to Eslint compliance
* Move to PSR-2 compliance
* NOTE config.php.example change to full paths for 2 items!
## End Users
* Show version and update in full view cleaner
* Filter and search on the columns of data
* Paginate the results so they fit per page
* Show time as human readable everywhere
# 2.2.0
## Podmins
* Can now pause/unpause or delete from podmin area
## End Users
* go.php auto select picks a more stable pod than before
* Graph on user growth on the network
* Make map prettier
* Use lines on tables to make them more readable
## Cleanup
* Don't delete dead pods, keep them and data for history hide them for users
* Put daily tasks in the and run each day
* Fix ipv6
## DB
* Add monthly stats table
* Update status to 1-5 rather than text
* Two migrations for this version update see db/
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