Commit cdbb4467 authored by David Morley's avatar David Morley
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add link to api if using uptimerobot

parent efc3164f
......@@ -41,7 +41,8 @@ if ($row["secure"] == "true") {$method = "https://";$class="green";$tip="This po
echo "<td>" . $row["status"] . "</td>";
echo "<td><div class='tipsy' title='Git Revision ".$row["hgitref"]."'><div id='".$row["hgitdate"]."' class='utc-timestamp'>" . strtotime($row["hgitdate"]) . "</div></div></td>";
echo "<td>" . $row["uptimelast7"] . "</td>";
echo "<td><div title='Last Check ".$row["dateupdated"]."' class='tipsy'><a target='new' href='".$row["pingdomurl"]."'>" . $row["monthsmonitored"] . "</a></div></td>";
if (strpos($row["pingdomurl"], "")) {$moreurl = $row["pingdomurl"];} else {$moreurl = "".$row["pingdomurl"];}
echo "<td><div title='Last Check ".$row["dateupdated"]."' class='tipsy'><a target='new' href='".$moreurl."'>" . $row["monthsmonitored"] . "</a></div></td>";
if ($row["userrating"] >6) {$userratingclass="green";} elseif ($row["userrating"] <7) {$userratingclass="yellow";} elseif ($row["userrating"] <3) {$userratingclass="red";}
echo "<td><a rel=\"facebox\" href=\"rate.php?domain=".$row["domain"]."\"><div class='tipsy rating ".$userratingclass."' title='User rating is ".$row["userrating"]."'>";
if ($row["userrating"] == 0) {echo "no rating yet";}
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