Commit bd5b3b64 authored by root's avatar root
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update for pre to head change

parent 5932b2f5
......@@ -38,8 +38,8 @@ if ($row["secure"] == "true") {$method = "https://";$class="green";$tip="This po
// echo "<td><div id='".$row["hgitdate"]."' class='utc-timestamp'>" . strtotime($row["hgitdate"]) .
if (stristr($row["shortversion"],'pre'))
{$version=".".$row["shortversion"];$pre = "This pod runs pre release
if (stristr($row["shortversion"],'head'))
{$version=".development code";$pre = "This pod runs pre release
development code";} elseif (!$row["shortversion"])
{$version="0";$pre = "This pod runs
unknown code";}
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