Verified Commit 7dbdbaef authored by noplanman's avatar noplanman

Small HTML fix.

parent 48245259
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ $country_code = $_SERVER['HTTP_CF_IPCOUNTRY'] ?? '';
<th class="columnSelector-false"><div data-toggle="tooltip" title="Version of software this pod runs">Version</div></th>
<th class="columnSelector-false filter-select" data-priority="3"><div data-toggle="tooltip" title="Type of software this pod runs">Software</div></th>
<th data-priority="1"><div data-toggle="tooltip" title="Percent of the time the pod is online.">Uptime</div></th>
<th class="columnSelector-false filter-select"<div data-toggle="tooltip" title="Does this pod offer ipv6 connection.">IPv6</div></th>
<th class="columnSelector-false filter-select"><div data-toggle="tooltip" title="Does this pod offer ipv6 connection.">IPv6</div></th>
<th class="columnSelector-false"><div data-toggle="tooltip" title="Average connection latency time in ms from Los Angeles.">Latency</div></th>
<th class="filter-select" data-priority="2"><div data-toggle="tooltip" title="Does this pod allow new users.">Signups</div></th>
<th data-priority="2" data-selector-name="Total Users"><div data-toggle="tooltip" title="Number of total users on this pod.">Users</div></th>
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