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    Fixpullnbackup (#79) · 88b1997e
    David Morley authored
    * fixes for issue 63
    * example
    * add install note
    * quotes
    * Fixpullnbackup fixes (#81)
    * Fix a few warnings and correct data type for boolean variables.
    * Boolean data type for $dnssec, $signup and $ipv6.
    Use only $signup instead of also $registrations_open.
    Use only $outputssl instead of also $outputresults.
    * Weird PSQL requires boolean to be passed as int, else it gives an error: `invalid input syntax for type boolean: ""`
    * Remove unnecessary unsets.
    * Remove unnecessary foreach loop.
    * Fix alignment (visual only).
    [skip ci]
    * To determine if the request was successful, check for a valid JSON to parse instead of searching the response for a string.
    * Rename query result variables to prevent breaking the main loop.
    * Add a small debug function to make debug output cleaner and easier to use.
    * Add debug flag. Browser: `pull.php?debug`, CLI: `pull.php debug`
    * Remove old code that prevents markers from overlapping each other, as mapbox nicely separates them.
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