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    Use Redbean as DBAL (#118) · 7abdd377
    noplanman authored
    * Add doctrine/dbal to the mix.
    * Change main pages to use new DB connection with doctrine DBAL.
    Rename some variables to improve readability.
    * Use function arguments instead of array.
    * Use doctrine DBAL for db scripts.
    * Use DBAL for pull.php.
    * Use DBAL for go.php.
    * Use DBAL for rate.php.
    * Use DBAL for podstat.php.
    * Use DBAL for api.php and api-more.php.
    * Convert all pod fields to string.
    * Move from Doctrine DBAL to RedBeans.
    * Add temporary fix for boolean property in pull.php
    * Add dedicated migration script for adding id column as unique primary key.
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