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    Pullissues (#184) · 533802e7
    dmorley authored
    * Pull some things after curl is a success rather than for all
    * fix ip pull if ip
    * fix loading spinner css
    * allow php-cgi
    * allow php-cgi
    * == not ===
    * more cli
    * tricky pods have node info but no home page so users can not even access the pod
    * implode and make them a version that conforms
    * less nice to dash
    * dont barf on bad pods
    * space
    * fix ratings
    * less jumping on table
    * view items
    * shortversion is not really ok for dev, hack to make it decent for now
    * store version in checks
    * fix div
    * make charts responsive for mobile
    * Catch invalid GeoIP database.
    * Small code simplification and remove unnecessary else statement.
    * Minor code changes, purely visual.
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