Commit 6e1410e4 authored by detruota's avatar detruota

Relicense to LGPLv3

parent f1855018
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......@@ -116,7 +116,8 @@ $IPFS_PATH), the :env arguments (unless otherwise specified) will default to
License is the GNU GPLv3:
check COPYING.txt (/ipfs/QmTBpqbvJLZaq3hTMUhxX5hyJaSCeWe6Q5FRctQbsD6EsE)
License is the GNU LGPLv3:
check COPYING.txt (/ipfs/QmR8Rnk5QdXgrXRqmgMLmG5PuHZEjujfa3rfVhPV99TLY7)
Author is Jaidyn Ann <>
Sauce is at
(defsystem "cl-ipfs-api2"
:version "0.51"
:license "GPLv3"
:license "LGPLv3"
:author "Jaidyn Ann <>"
:description "Bindings for the IPFS HTTP API."
:depends-on (:drakma :yason :arnesi :uiop)
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