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Release v1.2.1

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### v1.2.1
**App release: dandelior**
- Added an (rebranded) flavor of dandelion: dandelior
- Only differenties in use are other (black) icon and AMOLED colors by default enabled
- Already available on F-Droid
**New features:**
- All new Aspects and Tags, using a searchable dialog
- A new home - project blog/page: <>
- Sometimes the Stream went white, which is due an still (>3 years) unfixed Android Support library bug. It should not occur very often anymore due less use of fragments.
- Various small tweaks
- Updated translation files
### v1.1.3
- Improve sharing *a lot*, add support for multiple filetypes
- Support for downloading GIFs ;)
......@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ android {
resValue "string", "manifest_package_id", "com.github.dfa.diaspora_android"
applicationId "com.github.dfa.diaspora_android"
versionName "1.2.0"
versionCode 33
versionName "1.2.1"
versionCode 34
vectorDrawables.useSupportLibrary = true
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