Release 1.1.0


  • Swipe gesture to navigate between subscription sections (a0a0b690)
  • Sort subscriptions alphabetically in all section and by newest item crawl date in unread section (a0a0b690)
  • Implement #9: pull-to-refresh pattern to sync with server (65f48ded)
  • Add animation in views's transtions (4f84e6b5)
  • Implement #10 : fetch subscription's icons and display them (!4)
  • Add sections and section headers to subscriptions (!10)
  • Implement #45: add badge to unread articles section to indicate total count of unread articles (!9)
  • Implement #31: browse feeds by category (!10)
  • Implement #12: CSS for article detail (!12)

Bug fixes

  • Fix service lately binded to application causing stacktrace (a58c00dd)
  • Fix loader displaying infinitely when a subscription section stays empty after refresh by displaying a hint text stating section is empty (13b7c02c)
  • Fix [#38](#38]: empty screen when going back from the initial screen (4f84e6b5)
  • Fix #13 and #14: erratic notification behavior (0c1b5e76)
  • Fix crash hapening when object is returned from unread-counts endpoint without newestItemTimestampUsec property (8cfcd932)
  • Fix spinner infinitely loading when comming back from a feed with a single unread article (3088922f)
  • Fix articles in subscriptions not being sorted by publication date (3088922f)
  • Fix #26: UTF-8 problem on article detail on android 5.0 (!7)