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# Development
## Features
* Swipe gesture to navigate between subscription sections ([a0a0b690](
* Sort subscriptions alphabetically in *all* section and by newest item crawl date in *unread* section ([a0a0b690](
* Implement [#9]( pull-to-refresh pattern to sync with server ([65f48ded](
* Add animation in views's transtions ([4f84e6b5](
* Implement [#10]( : fetch subscription's icons and display them ([!4](
* Add sections and section headers to subscriptions ([!10](
## Bug fixes
* Fix service lately binded to application causing stacktrace ([a58c00dd](
* Fix loader displaying infinitely when a subscription section stays empty after refresh by displaying a hint text stating section is empty ([13b7c02c](
* Fix [#38](]: empty screen when going back from the initial screen ([4f84e6b5](
* Fix [#13]( and [#14]( erratic notification behavior ([0c1b5e76](
* Fix crash hapening when object is returned from `unread-counts` endpoint without `newestItemTimestampUsec` property ([8cfcd932](
* Fix spinner infinitely loading when comming back from a feed with a single unread article ([3088922f](
* Fix articles in subscriptions not being sorted by publication date ([3088922f](
## Refactoring
* Feed subscriptions uses a local DB ([edfd4fc5](
* Cleanup in DataBing classes ([353f37d1](
# 1.0.1
## Bug fixes
* Fix Jackson crash when runing on an API level < 24 ([90c65dc7](
# 1.0.0
## Features
Basic implementation using FreshRSS' GReader HTTP API implmentation. This lets you:
* connect to one account
* browse all subscriptions
* browse subscriptions with unread articles
* see articles for a subscription
* see unread articles for a subscription
* read an article
* set an article as read/unread
* share an article to other android application
* open the original page of the article
* refresh your feed
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# Foreword
## Contributing is not only about throwing code
Any project needs several different profiles. Contributing is not only about producing code.
A good project is a project that has a triving community producing improvement propositions,
graphic assets, communication, translations, etc.
If you think you are not able to contribute because you cannot produce code: **DON'T**. Please...
Developers are not all-knowing people. They need to colaborate with people having multiple talents.
Opening a ticket to raise a bug or ask for a feature is already a huge contribution.
Translating text, propose interface improvement or draw graphics also are.
## If you don't know something, ask
It's ok to not know how to develop an Android application or to use `git`.
Documentations are good assets if you know what you are searching for and
how to formulate the question, but sometimes, it's not enough.
In such cases, it's really ok to ask. It's faster and easier and you can be guided.
Never hesitate to seek help among other contributor. Life is all about learning!
# Technique
Before you start developing, you should install [Android studio](,
Android's, integrated development enrionment.
Read the [contributing section of the README](
Pick [a ticket](,
preferably, on that is marked for the next release and start working on it.
Apart from application's features and development, this project is severely
lacking tests and a good CI pipeline. Feel free to set them up if you feel
you have the knowledge.
# Contributors
## The community and the users
Thank you a lot for using this app, talking about it, loving it ❤️
## Translators
There are no translators yet. The whole application is in English.
If you want to translate in your language feel free to do so.
Read [Android's documentation on translations](
## UI Graphism
There are no graphists yet. If you think you can improve the look of the application
please, submit propositions. We desperatly need you.
## UX
* Natouille
## Ticket openers
These section thanks the users opening ticket to raise bug or propose features
* [GLLM](
And others: also thanks to you, anonymous ones that open only one and a fistful of tickets
on the project. You, too, matter and deserve a thank you.
## Devs
* [Christophe](
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......@@ -38,8 +38,7 @@ It would be advised to read [Android's guid to app architecture](https://develop
5. You can debug your application using [Facebook's Stetho](
6. Serialization and deserialization of HTTP request is handled by [Kotlinx serialization library](
(Might be an idea to move to [`fuel-livedata`]( in the future. Requires digging.)
6. Serialization and deserialization of HTTP request is handled by [Jackson](
## License
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