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French translation for new strings in v1.3.2

See merge request !116
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......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@
* Fix [#99]( on first sync, images are not automatically refreshed anymore ([!105](
* Fix [#100]( refresh fails when unread article list is huge ([!106](
* Updating french translations ([!116](
# 1.3.1
......@@ -95,4 +95,8 @@
<string name="retain_scroll_position_preference_summary">Si cochée, la position de défilement des articles sera conservée lors du redémarrage</string>
<string name="navigation_drawer_open">Ouvrir le menu</string>
<string name="navigation_drawer_close">Fermer le menu</string>
<string name="debug_mode">Mode debug</string>
<string name="advanced_preference_section">Avancé</string>
<string name="send_report">Envoyer un rapport</string>
<string name="detail_error_message">\"Si vous pensez que c\'est une erreur qui doit être remontée, cliquez le bouton \'%s\'\"</string>
\ No newline at end of file
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