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# Development
# 2.0.0 (BREAKING: this version drops support of API version 21-22 (Android 5))
# 1.3.0
## Features
* Better handle images embedded in a link by showing the link seperatly ([!63](
* Display context options (copy/cut/etc.) on text selection in articles ([!63](
* Add a notification to report crashes ([!67](
## Bug fixes
* Fix [#84]( article view crashing on Android 5.0 and 5.1 ([!74](
* Fix a bug preventing to refresh when subscription lists are empty ([!62](
* Fix [#82]( home and back buttons are sometimes not displayed correctly or not displayed at all ([!71](
* Fix [#80]( multiple performance bugs in the subscriptions and subscription's articles pages display ([!65](
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