Verified Commit 4a66fe01 authored by noplanman's avatar noplanman
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Fix strange issue where detour via stdout for extract literally broke the binary

parent d98a5edc
......@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@
extract_binary_from_image() {
# Create a temporary container and extract the borg binary.
TMP_CONTAINER_ID=$(docker create "${DOCKER_IMAGE}")
docker cp -L $TMP_CONTAINER_ID:/usr/bin/borg - > "${BORG_BINARY}"
# Do NOT print to stdout and write to file with " - > "!!
docker cp -L $TMP_CONTAINER_ID:/usr/bin/borg "${BORG_BINARY}"
docker rm -v $TMP_CONTAINER_ID >/dev/null
chmod +x "${BORG_BINARY}"
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