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Add Pleroma milestones to Fediverse 2020 post

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title: "Fediverse in 2020"
......@@ -104,6 +103,8 @@ At least <span class="u-emphasize">19 new projects</span> joined Fediverse in 20
`February:` Simon Urli [announces]( plans to add ActivityPub to XWiki, an open-source Wiki platform; receives funding from NGI Zero (NLNet)
`March:` Pleroma introduces federated emoji reactions in [its 2.0 release](
`April:` The French ministry deploys [about 35 PeerTube instances](, creating a vast platform of educational videos without tracking and advertisements
`April 7:` New project OpenEngiadina [joins the scene]( The project was supported by NGI Zero (NLnet)
......@@ -123,6 +124,8 @@ blame Google for double standards and demand to also ban Twitter apps and Chrome
`August 8:` [@cj]( creates an 馃挕 ActivityPub [library for developers]( where one can find articles about ActivityPub protocol and other technical topics
`August 28:` Pleroma introduces ActivityPub chats [in 2.1.0 release](
`September 09:` Funkwhale releases [first stable version](
`September 15:` Mario Vavti, [Hubzilla](/en/hubzilla) core developer, achieves a grant from NGIZero (NLnet)
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