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Fix broken link

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......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@
"dwellers": "friends",
"communities": [
{"title": "List of forums", "url": ""},
{"title": "List of servers by theme", "url": "../portal/servers"}
{"title": "List of servers by theme", "url": "/en/portal/servers"}
"descr": "Friendica aims at being a platform that suits everyone. Newcomers will feel right at home: the network's interface and functionality include common features of a mainstream social network. Being comparatively light on resources makes it attractive for administrators to host (Friendica servers are called \"nodes\"). The community is good-natured and helpful. Friendica is well connected with the rest of Fediverse 鈥 its users can follow friends on most other federated networks.",
"connections": ["diaspora*", "GNU Social", "Hubzilla", "Mastodon", "Misskey", "Pixelfed", "Pleroma", "Plume"],
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
{"num": "1", "url": ""},
{"num": "2", "url": "../portal/servers"}
{"num": "2", "url": "/en/portal/servers"}
"mobile": "",
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
"mascot": [{"item": "mastodon", "imgNum": "1"}],
"dwellers": "mastonauts",
"communities": [{"title": "List of servers by theme", "url": "../portal/servers"}],
"communities": [{"title": "List of servers by theme", "url": "/en/portal/servers"}],
"descr": "Mastodon is the largest federating social network. You'll find everything you want of a microblogging platform, and much more. There are numerous Mastodon servers (called \"instances\") created specifically for certain communities and dedicated to various interests, spheres of knowledge, regions and activities.",
"connections": ["Friendica", "Hubzilla", "", "Misskey", "PeerTube", "Pixelfed", "Pleroma", "Plume", "WriteFreely"],
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
"mascot": [{"item": "Fox Tan", "imgNum": "1"}],
"dwellers": "",
"communities": [
{"title": "List of servers by theme", "url": "../portal/servers"}
{"title": "List of servers by theme", "url": "/en/portal/servers"}
"descr": "Pleroma microblogging platform is appreciated by the community for its low resource consumption. If you have a Raspberry Pi or similar single-board computer you can use it as Pleroma server for family and friends.",
"connections": ["Friendica", "GNU Social", "Hubzilla", "Mastodon", "", "Misskey", "Peertube", "Pixelfed", "Plume", "WriteFreely"],
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