• To start a business, you need to register a business. However, there are many questions and issues to consider during the business creation process, such as: etc. Confidus Solutions is here to clear it all up.

    Before preparing the documents, you need to make two decisions to determine what to do next: In which jurisdiction will you start your business? This is the main factor that determines a wide variety of things such as the process of incorporating your company, the documents required, and the taxes your company will have to pay. Below is a directory to help you choose the best possible jurisdiction based on one of several criteria.

    Company formation as required Before starting a business or even choosing a place of jurisdiction, you need to plan a corporate structure for your business and, on that basis, determine the purpose of the business you want to set up. There are a few criteria you might look for in a jurisdiction for your business based on your goals:

    Confidentiality protection; low maintenance costs; Low tax system; prestigious location

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